5G Deployment Option-5

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Hi Guys today we are learning about 5G deployment options, if you want to know more about other 5G deployment option please click here

Option 5: SA LTE under 5GC

In this option, the network has transitioned toward the NGC, but still continues to use LTE access. LTE, in this case, is an evolved LTE RAN which understands the new signaling. 
Since most of the benefit of 5G will derive from migrating towards a new radio, this option seems unlikely.
Stand Alone (SA) Evolved E-UTRA (LTE) in 5G Standalone (5GS: This deployment scenario is especially suitable for areas which have no legacy LTE system and evolved E-UTRA access systems are deployed. In this deployment, the ng-eNB is connected to the 5GC.


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