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Hi Guys today we are learning about 5G deployment options, if you want to know more about other 5G deployment option please click here

Option 7:

Deployment Option 7 represents a deployment scenario in which the Next Generation Core (NGC) will be used with a mixture of LTE and NR radio. 

Next Generation signaling will be used but it will be routed via the LTE RAN because the LTE network is more fully built out and thus more reliable for handling signaling. 

Options 7 and 7a differ on whether the user plane data is sent to NR directly or via the LTE RAN.

7/7A/7X require an eLTE upgrade of the existing LTE network at the start.
(Difference is UP path Non Standalone ( Dual Connectivity 4G/5G )

Option 7/7A: NSA NR in 5GS. This option is particularly attractive for areas in which legacy LTE eNBs and the EPCs are ready to be upgraded to ngeNBs and the 5GCs. 

From the point of view of the gNB, this is NSA because it requires an ng-eNB as an anchor for CP connectivity to 5GC. The NR UP connection to the 5GC goes through the ng-eNB which is connected to the 5GC (Option 7) or directly (Option 7A).

In Option 7/7a/7x, to achieve Dual Connectivity, the LTE eNB can be connected to the NGC with Non-standalone NR. 

The NR user plane connection to the NGC goes through the eLTE eNB (Option 7) or directly (Option 7a). The procedures and protocols for the Xn interface between eLTE eNB and gNB should also be newly designed.

The reference for defining the new Xn based procedures can be taken from the procedures defined under section (Dual Connectivity operation) in TS 36.300. 

In these procedures, the eLTE eNB and gNB are connected via Xn which are considered to have the role similar to MeNB and SeNB, respectively. 

The new QoS model of NR defined in section 11 will be applied for the new Xn based procedures.


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