Carrier Aggregation Part-2

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What is LTE aggregated carriers?

The LTE aggregated carriers indicates a combination of maximum PRB and maximum number of CCs (component carrier). In R10 and R11 three classes are defined:

Class A: PRB ≤ 100,  maximum number of CC = 1
Class B:  PRB ≤ 100, maximum  number of CC = 2
Class C: 100< Nrb ≤ 200, maximum number of CC = 2
Class D: 200< Nrb ≤ 300, maximum number of CC = 3   

How many CC support in Bandwidth Class A?

one CC

How many CC support in Bandwidth Class B?

2 CC

How many CC support in Bandwidth Class C?

2 CC

What is CA configuration?

The CA configuration indicates a combination of EUTRA operating bands and CA bandwidth class. 

Let's take some example:

For instance the configuration CA_7C indicates intra band contiguous carrier aggregation on EUTRA operating band 7 and CA bandwidth class C. (Two contiguous CC in frequency band 7 and transmission bandwidth from 100 RB to 200 RB) 

CA_25A_25A, shows intra band non contiguous CA on band 25 ( with bandwidth class A) with a one CC on either side of the intra band gap. (Two non contiguous carrier in frequency band 25 and transmission bandwidth of 100 RB) 

CA_3A_5A: one carrier from band 3 and second carrier from band 5.

Finally CA_3A -40C indicated inter band CA on operating band 3 with bandwidth class A and operating band 40 with bandwidth class C.

CA_23B: Two contiguous CC in frequency band 23 and transmission bandwidth from 25 RB to 100 RB.

What is CA update in release 11? How is CA configuration defined in release 11?

In release 11 a large number of additional CA configurations are defined. In release  11 the maximum aggregated bandwidth is still 40 MHz and maximum number of CC is 2. Note: For both release 10 and release 11 any UL CC will have the same bandwidth as the corresponding DL CC. Also for inter-band carrier aggregation there will only be ONE UL CC, i.e. no UL CA.

What is CA update in release 12?

In release 12 configurations for uplink inter-band CA configuration was introduced.

Carrier aggregation influences at which layer?

Carrier aggregation influences mainly MAC and the physical layer protocol as well as also some new RRC messages are introduced.

What is the Major Changes happen in Physical layer?

Major changes on the physical layer are for instance that signaling information about scheduling on component carrier must be provided Downlink as well as HARQ ACK/NACK per component carriers must be delivered DL and UL.

How many TB will be assigned per CC?

There will be 1 TB assigned per CC.

How many component carriers do LTE –A supports?

 LTE-A supports five component carriers.

How many component carriers do LTE –A pro supports?

 LTE-A pro supports 32 component carriers.

How many component carriers do 5G phase-1 supports?

5G phase-1 supports up to 16 component carrier .

What is the maximum bandwidth Support in LTE-A?

100 MHz is maximum bandwidth support in LTE-A.

What is the Maximum bandwidth Support in LTE-A Pro?

640 MHz is Maximum Bandwidth Support in LTE-A Pro.

What is the difference between PCell and PCC?

PCell is the cell that is initially configured during RRC connection establishment. PCell handles all signaling with respect to NAS (authentication and security), mobility information, and SI for configured cells. Whereas the PCC (primary component carrier) is the CC corresponding to the PCell is referred to as the DL and UL PCCs.

What is the difference between SCell and SCC?

The SCell will be configured after RRC connection establishment, to provide additional radio resources. The UE does not have a RRC connection with any of its SCells. Whereas,  the CCs corresponding to the SCell is referred to as the DL and UL SCCs.

In Upcoming Part we will learn more about CA and CA interview question and its answer. And for more learning please go through our 5G and LTE page.

Stay tune for more Update…………………

Pinal Dobariya…

- 3GPP TS 36.101(User Equipment radio transmission and reception)
- 3GPP TS 36.300(Overall description; Stage 2)
- 3GPP TS 36.331(Radio Resource Control (RRC)


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