Please comment the Topics that you want us to write next

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Hello Friends, Hope you all are doing great.

Please comment the Topics that you want us to write next..................

Below are the Topics we will Publish soon.

1) Coreset (PDCCH)
2) SSB
3) NSA Signalling Radio Bearer's 
4) Handover event
5) DSS
6) HARQ in LTE & NR

Stay tune for more update………..


  1. Could you explain I-RAT Handovers in 5GNR like (SA to NSA and NSA to SA)

  2. Could you please explain the utility of Tracking Reference Signal in 5G NR, also why PT-RS is required and how is it different??

  3. Could you please explain Page_Merge concept in 5G NR

  4. Could you please write and Article about Scheduling pattern for NBIoT and eMTC

  5. Your notes are nice and intresting to understand. I m requesting to Cover RRM . It is also intresting topic.

  6. 5G NR Bandwidth Part (BWP).


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