5G Deployment Option-6

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Hi Guys today we are learning about 5G deployment options, if you want to know more about other 5G deployment option please click here

Option 6:

Option 6 signifies a network which has migrated to the NR, but retains EPC as the core network. Here, the original EPC signaling is used between the EPC and NR. 
This is a even less likely scenario than Option 3 as any operator that has EPC is likely to already have a LTE network. In the time it will take to phase out LTE, it is likely that the core network will migrate to NGC, thus making this scenario unlikely.


  1. Did you mean this is even less likely than option 5? Option 3 is highly considered and even implemented in some cases.

  2. As far as I know, the Option 6 is not supported by 3GPP.



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