5G Deployment Option-1

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Hi Guys today we are learning about 5G deployment options, if you want to know more about other 5G deployment option please click here

Option 1: SA LTE Connected to EPC-legacy

Option 1 represents the current 4G (LTE) deployments. It is also called Standalone LTE or EPC connected legacy. As of now, most of the operators might have already deployed this option.

The standalone option is a simple solution for operators to manage and can be deployed as an independent network using normal inter-generation handover between 4G and 5G for service continuity.


  1. I gone through most of the tutorials. I can simply say absolutely brilliant presentations by you. Could you please update tutorials on types of handovers in SA. Like inter NR, inter RAT, inter frequency and intra frequency handovers. One more on measurement report handling.


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