5G Deployment Option-2

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Hi Guys today we are learning about 5G deployment options, if you want to know more about other 5G deployment option please click here

Option 2: SA NR Connected to 5G Core

This deployment scenario will specifically be attractive in areas where there is no legacy LTE system and the operator needs to deploy a full-fledged 5G NR access system.

This option allows the operator to implement all types of 5G use-cases like eMBB, mMTC and URLLC.

A pre-requisite for this option is that the operator should have multiple spectrums so that they can provide all the above-mentioned use-cases and also provide ubiquitous 5G coverage.

This is the most attractive option for early deployment of full-fledged 5G networks. The operators will have the option of introducing 5G-only service without 4G interworking.

In SA NR, the gNB connects to the 5G Core. The SA NR system has been defined in the full-suite of 5G specifications, for 3GPP Rel-15.

The advantages of this option are as follows:

 ▪ The operator can take full advantage of 5G E2E capabilities
 ▪ All specs have been standardized in 3GPP Rel-15 (Sep-2018)
 ▪ Both the Control Plane and the User Plane are handled by 5G network
 ▪ Operator can deploy Inter-RAT mobility between LTE/EPC – NR / 5GC
 ▪ Operator can choose between Voice fallback to VoLTE, or IMS Voice over          NR       (VoNR)

The disadvantages of this approach are:

 ▪ Direct deployment of 5G requires more investment
 ▪ The operator cannot leverage the existing legacy network (LTE) deployments in the short-midterm.

The new 5GC is required to support SA 5G (option 2) as well as options 4, 5 and 7 as part of the 3GPP standard.

This phase promises the greatest potential for future evolution and further growth, with many new capabilities introduced in the 5GC. The devices will also be able to handle many new services.


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